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Additional Information

Shower/Toilet Attic Bathtub/Toilet Mezzanine
Access to Front Door
6 Steps
Staircase to rooms 30 steps 30 steps none 2 steps from room none
Size aprox. 18 m2 23m2 19.5m2 6m2 4m2
Beds 2 single beds
1 double bed
1 double bed
Children Beds no on request no    
Pets on request on request no    
Lavabo in Room no yes no    
Associated Bathroom shower/toilet attic shower/toilet attic bathtub/toilet
Radio FM, DAB, Internet FM FM, DAB, CD-player    
TV Swisscom TV and DVD-player Swisscom TV and DVD-player no    
Sofa yes no no    
Free WIFI/WLAN yes yes yes    
Refrigerator shared with other guests shared with hosts    
In-Room Coffee-Maker yes yes yes    
Electric Kettle in the atic bathroom in the atic bathroom yes    
Central-Heating yes yes yes yes yes
Additional Wood Firing no on request on request no no
Fan-Heater / Fan on request on request on request