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Must See

Kloster Rheinau

Rheinau Monastry Island (10 minutes by car)

The monastery Rheinau is a former Benedictine abbey on a Rhine island. It was founded around 778 and dissolved in 1862. Until the year 2000, the monastery buildings housed a psychiatric clinic. Today, the former monastery building is used by a spiritual community and the music centre "Musikinsel Rheinau" , while the monastery church serves the Catholic parish of Rheinau.

The park on the island and the so-called Spitzkirche (also called Magdalene Chapel) at the northern end of the island radiate a very special peace and invite you to linger.

The village of Rheinau has a regionally important indoor and outdoor swimming pool . Particularly worth seeing is the wooden bridge over the Rhine and the convent cellar, where you may participate in a wine testing session to get to know the selected wines of the national wine cellars "Staatskellerei" of canton Zurich.